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Testing Invoice Payment

Last updated 09/23/2019

Simulate Payment in Test Mode

Test Xendit integration thoroughly by simulating payment to your invoice! This simulation will result in your invoice status showing up as Paid/Settled in your Dashboard. We also initiate a callback to your Callback URL. Please remember that all of these simulation should only be done in Test Mode.

Simulate via Invoice UI

  1. Create any invoice
  2. Open the invoice UI
  3. Choose payment channel and click the button at the red banner above the invoice UI

Simulate via Testing Amount

  1. Create any invoice with the amount of IDR 3,000,000
  2. Go to your dashboard for the transaction details
  3. Invoice is successfully paid

Simulate via Cards

  1. Create any invoice (make sure cards payment method is enabled)
  2. Open the invoice
  3. Go to the cards tab inside the invoice
  4. Fill the card number with 4000 0000 0000 0002, any CVV and future expiry date
  5. Invoice is successfully paid