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Setting up Your Invoice

Last updated 09/23/2019

If you already have access to live transaction and you want to use VA on live environment, you can do it by enabling your bank VA range Dashboard > Settings > Configuration > Invoice by clicking "activate" button. If you are not live yet, don't forget to activate the VA after you are going live.

Before you create your invoice for the first time, you might want to do some setting and customize your invoice. You can visit Dashboard > Invoice > Custom Invoice and make your own setup.

DescriptionWhat will change
ColorSet your primary and secondary color of your invoice
FontSet the font of your invoice
Default LanguageFirst language that your customer will see (Your customer can change it by their own)
Default Invoice DurationDefault duration of the invoice. (You can also custom duration per invoice while creating an invoice)
Default Payment MethodChoose your default and primary payment method. (You can also custom payment channel per invoice while creating an invoice via API)

To increase your customer trust, you also need to setup your business logo and business name on Dashboard > Settings > General

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