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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 09/23/2019
  1. How do I know if my invoice is paid?

    • The status of the invoice shows up as PAID/SETTLED on your dashboard
    • We send a callback to you for the payment
  2. How do I know when an invoice expires?

    • When an invoice expires, you are able to see the status on your dashboard on the Invoices menu
    • Invoice can't be paid anymore and invoice UI is disabled.
    • If you tick the flag to send the invoice to your customer, email notification will be sent to your customer when the invoice expires, and they will be informed not to make payment
    • Send us a GET Invoice Request with API to see your invoice status
  3. What to do with an expired invoice? How do I know if someone paid to it?

    • When an invoice expires, you can disregard it and make a new one. Expired invoices cannot be paid.
  4. What to do when my customer paid a wrong amount to the invoice?

    • Virtual Accounts in invoice will always be closed amount, hence your customer will not be able to pay a wrong amount to the invoice
  5. Can I set customized expiration time of my invoice?

    • Yes, with a maximum 1 (one) year expiry date that you could customize upon invoice creation, from Xendit dashboard or from an API. This is an optional setting, that you can leave it blank for your default invoice duration to be applied. However, please note that the invoices that have been generated cannot be altered, although you can expire the invoice to make it redundant so that your customer cannot pay it.
  6. Which user can create invoices on dashboard?

    • Users who can create invoice are those with the permission to edit.
  7. How to set Banks and payment methods on my invoices?

    • You can change it directly from dashboard. Some payment method may require you to enable it first, you can contact us to help you enable it.
  8. How do I set types of Virtual Account on my Invoices?

    • Currently you may only set this via API. You can also inform us in advance to set it for you.
  9. How do I put my company name and picture on my invoices?

    • If you are using Xendit Invoices UI, you can put your company name and picture on your dashboard, go to Settings, upload your Business Logo and set Business Information. Your Invoice details will be in accordance to your configurations.
  10. Can I use my own UI for Xendit Invoices?

    • Yes, you can use your own UI by integrating with our API.
  11. Is credit card payment a default payment method or should we configure it first?

    • It is default and automatically appears on the invoice as one of payment methods option for customer.