Assigning Roles

Set up your account

To use Batch Disbursements, register for a Xendit account.

Set up your user permissions and receipts

Before trying out batch disbursements, please set up the following:

User Permissions

You can invite multiple users of your team to access a Xendit account and collaborate on the disbursement process. To restrict the actions they can perform, you can define their user roles to limit their access. Each team member must be assigned a role when they are added. Each of your invited users will receive an email that guides them to sign up for their own Xendit account.

To view and manage user permissions, please go to Dashboard > Settings > Your team > Team members. You’ll need at least one user with Edit access and one with Approve access (this can be the same person). A user with Edit access can create and edit disbursements. A user with Approve access has the ability to approve batch disbursements.

Disbursement receipts

When funds have been successfully disbursed, we can send out a receipt via email on your behalf, so your recipient is notified of the incoming funds. To use this feature, include the destination email addresses in your disbursement request. You can customize the email sender and email footer in your Dashboard.

Technical users: Retrieve your API Key and set your callback URL

For technical users, it’s possible to create batch disbursements via API. To get started, retrieve your API key and set your callback URL.

  1. Retrieve your API key. We provide unique API keys for development and production environments. You can retrieve these from your Dashboard. Your API keys should be kept private, so do not share your secret API keys. To successfully authenticate with Xendit’s API, you must append a colon and Base 64 encode the API key. All API requests should be made over HTTPS instead of HTTP (all calls made over plain HTTP will fail).
  2. Set your callback URL. Before trying out our API, please set your callback URL via the Dashboard. Put your callback URL in the field and click Test to verify the URL. Once your URL is verified, you can click Save to proceed.

Start testing!

You can start testing batch disbursements immediately in the development environment to learn disbursement features and simulate transactions without risk. Requests made in the development environment will not hit the banking networks and will not cost you anything.

To simulate various testing scenarios, follow the instructions on our Testing page.

Go Live to process live transactions

When you are ready to process live transactions, click on “Activate Account” on the Dashboard and follow the KYC instructions to go live. After filling in the KYC information, our team will reach you to arrange to sign of our service agreement. At that point, please let our team know that you want to activate batch disbursements.

Topping up your Balance

Your balance refers to the stored value in your Xendit account which can be sent out in disbursements or withdrawn.

Before you send any live disbursements, you will first have to top up to your account balance. We hold these funds securely on your behalf until you give us instructions to disburse.

You can top up by transferring funds to Xendit's bank accounts. You can see Xendit's bank account details for the transfer in your Dashboard. See Topup instructions.

Last Updated on 2024-01-16