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Transaction and Balance Menu

Transaction and balance are features available in the dashboard. These features are here to help you, especially The Finance team, to do reconciliation faster.

Both features are currently available for: 

  • All customers in the Philippines
  • Several invited customers and newly registered customer start from March 25th 2021 and going forward in Indonesia 

For Indonesian customer, please contact us if you want to enable these features


The Transaction tab displays all created transactions from Payments, Disbursements, Invoice, and xenPlatform so that users can view and reconcile their transactions in one tab

In this tab, you will see several columns as following: 

  • Status

This column displays the last updated status of a transaction. The available statuses are as follow:

SuccessPayment: A transaction that has been successfully paid by the end customer Disbursement: A transaction that has been successfully disbursed
ReversedA failed disbursement that is reversed to the merchant
FailedA failed transaction eg: failed disbursement or failed platform fee
PendingA transaction that is still waiting to be paid or disbursed

Note: Check balance history on the below section to check transactions that have been settled to your Xendit balance. Please remind that every payment method has its own settlement time to be able to settle to Xendit balance. Refer to the settlement page for settlement time information

  • Type

Type is to identify whether a transaction is a payment, refund, disbursement, batch disbursement, or xenPlatform transaction (transfer and platform fee).

  • Channel

This column provides information on which Xendit product is being used for a transaction. The type of channel is as follows:

Virtual AccountVA BNI, Mandiri, BRI, Permata, BCA, dll
eWalletLinkaja, OVO, DANA, ShopeepayPaymaya, Grabpay, Gcash
CardsKartu debit atau kredit Mastercard, VISA, JCB, AMEXDebit or credit cards supported by Mastercard, VISA, JCB
Direct DebitBRI Direct DebitBPI, UBP
Retail OutletAlfamart, Indomaret7eleven, Cebuana
Cardless CreditKredivoBillease
  • Account 

To identify details of payment method. For payment, it's the account that was being used to perform the transaction such as credit card number, eWallet phone number, virtual account number, retail outlet payment code. For disbursement, it's the destination account of the disbursement

  • Amount 

The amount of transaction. The red arrow icon identifies outgoing transaction through disbursement meanwhile the green arrow icon identifies incoming transaction through any payment channels

  • Reference

To identify a transaction from the reference or external ID

  • Date Created

To identify when is the first time the transaction is recorded on the Xendit system

Besides those columns, there are other additional features as following:


You can filter out the transactions that want to be displayed based on these parameters:

  • Created date 
  • Status
  • Type
  • Channel

Search Bar

Transactions recorded in the Transaction tab can be searched by reference such as External ID from the search bar

Export Report

You can export reports in the Transaction tab. But, there’s a maximum limit of days for the report that can be exported which is 92 days. Besides that, the report can be sent up to 5 recipient emails at once. 

The report has comprehensive columns for reconciliation as follows:

CurrencyThe currency that being used
FeeFee charged by Xendit
3rd Party WHT(Only available for Philippines)
Xendit WHT(Only available for Philippines)
Net AmountAmount after being deducted by the fee and VAT
Transaction IDIdentifier or the transaction
Invoice IDIdentifier specific for Invoice
Batch IDIdentifier specific for Batch Disbursement
Payment IDIdentifier to be cross checked with payload callback
Payment DatePayment date of the transaction
Timestamp - CreatedTimestamp when the transaction is created
Timestamp - UpdatedTimestamp when the transaction is updated
Timestamp - SettledTimestamp when the transaction is settled
Time zoneThe time zone of the timestamp
DescriptionDescription of the transaction


The Balance tab is to display how much balance available on your Xendit account that can be withdrawn to your bank account. It consists of several components: 

  • Available Balance Summary
  • Balance History
  • Pending

Available Balance Summary

  • Available Balance: Total balance that can be withdrawn to your bank account or transferred to another recipient bank account through Disbursement.
  • Total Balance: The last balance recorded on balance history
  • Pending Outgoing: The outgoing money that is still being processed, for example, the amount of a disbursement requested after the operational hour is locked in Pending tab temporarily and will be processed and released after disbursement has been processed

Balance History

The Balance History displays all historical transactions you have made. For example:

  • Payments that have been settled to Xendit balance 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Completed Disbursement transactions
  • Top up Xendit balance


Pending displays transactions that are still pending in process and haven’t been settled to Xendit balance. For example: 

  • Payments that have been paid by the end customer but still waiting for settlement time
  • Disbursement that is created outside cut-off time and will be processed when the bank operational time is back