Scheduling Your Reports

Reporting Schedule allows you to schedule your transaction report or balance history report to your desired destination of either email or SFTP server. This means:

  • No more logging in daily to export reports, more time for you
  • Automated process to setup SFTP as a report destination, faster go live time

The biggest benefit of reporting schedule is that you will always be able to get reports for any given day once you have configured and setup your schedule.

Setup New Reporting Schedule

  • Login to your Xendit dashboard
  • Go to Reporting > Reporting Schedule
  • Click on Add Schedule and fill in the following fields in the pop-up
Field NameDescription
Schedule NameThis name is used to identify your schedule. You will see this schedule name in the email subject that you received
Report TypeThis refers to the type of report available to be scheduled. Currently, we allow transaction reports and balance history reports from transaction and balance tab. Only XenPlatform Master Account can get the consolidated reports.
Filter By (Only applicable to Transaction Report)Create Time - refers to when the transaction was created, in pending settlement or pending status Settlement Time - refers to when the transaction is moved to completed from pending settlement or pending status Update Time - refers to when transaction was last updated
Daily Reporting HourThis refers to the hour that the report will be delivered to your desired destination
Report DestinationThis refers to the report delivery destination option
  • After the Report Schedule has been successfully created, the report will be delivered to you at the configured time and destination starting next day.

Setup New SFTP Config

This is an automated process where we do all the following checks to ensure that you will be able to self help and add your SFTP as a report delivery destination.

  • Login to your Xendit dashboard
  • Go to Reporting > Reporting Schedule
    • SFTP Server Configuration Button on Top Right
    • Add Schedule > Add New SFTP in Report Destination
  • 2 steps in Automatic SFTP Validation:
    • Step 1: Register and whitelist IP address
Whitelist Xendit IP Addresses below in your serverA list of IP addresses that is used to send out the reports by Xendit’s system.Only needed if you enable IP whitelisting on your own SFTP server.
Your IP address or website domainIP/domain of your own SFTP server. This is where you want Xendit to deliver the reports to.You can choose either IP address like or a domain like as examples.
Your port numberDefault will be 22 but if you have special port number that you want us to use, specify it in this field.Use port 22 if you do not have a specific port number.
Authentication typeThere are only 2 options, password or public key authetication method.Based on your preference choose the method you want the access to be authenticated by during login to your SFTP server.

When you click on Next button, we will try to reach your IP address from our system. If ping fails, this means that you might have enabled IP whitelisting and have not whitelisted our IP addresses. Please raise a request to your team to whitelist Xendit’s IP address to proceed.

  • Step 2: Authenticate
Your IP address or website domainThis was taken from you from the previous step.You will not be able to edit this in this page, only in the previous page.
Your server usernameThis is the username of the account for your SFTP server.You will need to create an account to access the SFTP server and provide it for us to use it to deliver the report to your server.
Your Server password/public keyThis will be based on your selection of authentication type on the previous page.If password, enter the password for the account. If public key, whitelist this public key to enable login using this username and this private key signature.
SFTP PathThis is the path of the folder that you want us to send the report to. If you leave it blank, the root folder will be used.Please ensure that the folder exists and the account provided has the permissions to write to the folder path.

There is a total of 3 checks at this stage

  • Valid Credentials Check
  • Existence of SFTP Path folder
  • Permission to write to SFTP folder

If any of these checks failed, then the user will remain on Step 2: Authenticate page.

Once you are able to successfully add SFTP, this means that we are able to login to your SFTP with the given account and deliver files to the folder that you provided. This means you can proceeed to create a Schedule to deliver reports to this SFTP.

Reporting History

This represents each report that is sent per schedule per frequency. Since we only have daily reports now, each schedule will have 1 report per day. You can resend any reports from past days. The limit to resend report 50 times within a single day.

Last Updated on 2023-05-24