How Balance Works

Balance Page

The Balance page displays all balance activity on your Xendit account. Use this view to see every money movement that flows in and out of your Xendit account balance that you can disburse or withdraw.

It consists of several components:

  • Available balance summary
  • Balance history report
  • Pending report
  • Top up
  • Withdraw

Please refer to this page to check how to top up and this page to withdraw your Xendit balance.

Available Balance Summary

This section shows a summary of all balance activity:

  • Available Balance: This is the total balance that can be withdrawn to your bank account or transferred to another recipient bank account through Disbursement.
  • Total Balance: The last balance recorded on balance history. This is the sum of your Pending Outgoing balance and Available balance.
  • Pending Outgoing: The sum of outgoing transactions that are still being processed. For example, any withdrawals or payouts that were created and not yet sent out due to partner operational downtimes will be represented here. You will also be able to see all Pending Outgoing transactions in the Pending tab.

Balance History and Pending Tabs

View your account’s detailed balance activity in the Balance History Tab and Pending Tab.

Balance History Tab

All money movements into and out of your balance are recorded in the balance history tab. You can use balance history as the source of truth for money movements of all transactions.

The Balance History displays all historical transactions that have been completed.

For example:

  • Payments that have been settled to Xendit balance
  • Top-ups that have been credited to Xendit balance
  • Withdrawal transactions that have been successfully created and debited from Xendit balance
  • Disbursement transactions that have been successfully created and debited from Xendit balance

Only completed transactions will be recorded in Balance History.

  • Incoming transactions like payments and top-ups are completed when settlement to balance is completed
  • Outgoing transactions like disbursements and withdrawals are completed when the transaction has been successfully created and debited from Xendit balance

Transactions fees, and VAT as separate lines

For ease of differentiation between transactions and the fees they incur, fees and VAT are recorded as separate line items in Balance History report.

These are differentiated via a column called “Line Type” to make it easier to distinguish and filter between transactions, fees and taxes to facilitate reconciliation and reporting.

Pending Tab

The Pending tab displays transactions that are still pending and haven’t been moved in, or out of your Xendit balance.

For example:

  • Payments that have been paid by your users and are not yet settled.
  • Disbursements that have been created outside of partner operational times and will be processed when the partners are operational again

These transactions can be found in the Pending tab instead of the Balance History tab.

Sum of Incoming/Outgoing Transaction Amount

  • Incoming IDR (Circled in Green): Sum of all incoming transactions with pending settlement status
  • Outgoing IDR (Circled in Red): Sum of all outgoing transactions with pending settlement status
Settlement StatusDisplayed on Balance History Page?Notes
PendingPending TabPending Tab on Balance Page only shows transactions with pending settlement status
SettledBalance History TabBalance History only shows transactions with settled settlement status
Null (Empty)No. Only shown in Transactions PageOnly applies to failed disbursements, chargeback deduction

Search for Transactions in the Balance History view

To confirm whether a transaction has been debited from, or credited to, your available balance, you can search for the transaction using reference.

Last Updated on 2023-05-24