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Refund is a term that describes a condition where the cash should be given back to the customer. There are various reasons why a refund takes place. It can be because of customer’s request or certain conditions that require the fund to be returned.

Refund process

Virtual Account Refund

This type of refund happens when customer has paid a Virtual Account. Simply process the refund directly to customer’s bank account using Xendit’s Direct Disbursement or Batch Disbursement product. In order to do a disbursement for a refund, first, make sure that the original transaction has succeeded and has been settled to Cash Account tab. Below is a graph that represents a high level refund process:

Credit Card Refund & Chargeback

A refund occurs when the cardholder requests a refund for the charge that has been done. This could be due to a variety of reasons, but is always initiated by the customer, and reported to the merchant. A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a credit card transaction and wants to get their money refunded. In this case, the customer is able to request a chargeback directly to the issuing bank rather than to the merchant. Detailed information regarding Refunds and Chargeback can be found in the refund section and chargeback section.

When can Refunds be Processed

In order to help you maximize customer satisfaction, Xendit provides a quick and easy refund process. Refunds can be initiated by you 24/7 as long as the fund has settled to the cash account. Normally, if Xendit has detected the incoming funds, it will automatically top up to the cash tab on the Dashboard. Below is a high level graph of when the disbursement for refund can be done:


  1. What if the fund has not been settled yet to my account? E.g. BCA takes T+1 to get settle. Can we still do refund?
    In order to do refund to customer, make sure that the originated fund has been settled in the Dashboard Cash tab or completed in each payment tab.

  2. Is it possible to send a refund to a different bank account from the bank who paid the funds?
    Yes, it is possible. Just please make sure that the fund is sent to the real bank account owner of the original transaction.

  3. For Credit Card refund, do we still pay a Xendit Fee?
    No, the fee is no longer needed to be paid in the case of a Credit Card refund. Xendit will give back the fee based on the type of refund that is conducted.

    • Full refund: all the fee will be returned
    • Partial refund: depend on the percentage of refund that is given to the customer.
  4. What if the funds have not settled yet?
    There might be a time when you want to do a refund but the transaction has not settled yet. Before refunding, we recommend performing a few checks first:

    • Check if customer has sent the funds to the right Virtual Account number
    • If an open VA has been used for the transaction, make sure customer has input the correct amount
    • Know what type of payment it is - SKN/Kliring takes 3 to 4 hours to be detected in Xendit’s due to longer proces of transfer (needs to go through Indonesian Bank first). We recommend using online transfer or RTGS for huge amounts for faster process of transaction.
    • If none of the cases above have answered why the funds have not settled yet, please reach out to Xendit Support.
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