Payouts enable you to make disbursements to customers for whom you don’t have destination bank account details. You can use our payout links to collect the destination account details and then process refunds, reimbursements, or cashbacks automatically.

Typically, to pay out to a customer, you would need to reach out to your customer to get their bank details, have multiple contacts to confirm those details, then have the finance team manually process the disbursement.

With Payouts, you can minimize the operational hassle of gathering bank details from customers. Our Payouts feature is built on top of our Xendisburse API, which allows bank transfers across Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

While most of our customers use Payouts for refunding transactions, there are many other use cases for this product including deposit returns, paying out staff, giving bonuses, and cashbacks.

ProductsFeaturesPopular Use Cases
PayoutsCreate via API Single disbursement creationRegular Disbursement, Vendor Payment
Batch PayoutsCreate via Dashboard and API Disbursement to up to 10,000 destination account in one filePayroll Disbursement
Payout LinksCreate via Dashboard and API Disburse without having to collect destination accountRefunds, Cashback

Last Updated on 2023-11-06