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Cashalo requires you to register to them prior to the activation (we will help you completely with this, all registration processes are done through Xendit).

  1. Contact Xendit CS ( or your Account Manager to request Cashalo Activation.

    Hello, Xendit!

    I'm interested in having PayLater as one of my payment channels.

    I would like to activate Cashalo, please!

  2. Or, you can fill in Cashalo Activation Request form directly

  3. Please also prepare the following alongside:

    • Your high resolution logo (800 x 500 px, 4 MB max in PNG)
    • Back part of your submitted director’s ID
  4. Xendit will relay your activation request to Cashalo for review. The decision to approve/reject your application rests in the discretion of Cashalo.

  5. In parallel, you can proceed with integration and testing by following our detailed guide.

  6. Once done, Xendit will notify you via email upon successful activation.

  7. That’s it! You can now start accepting live payments via Cashalo on your platform.

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