Multi Currency Cross-border Payout

Cross-border payouts are products of Xendit's Singapore entity

Xendit’s mission is to build South-East Asian specialized Fund Transfer infrastructure that is easy, fast, secure, reliable and accessible from around the world. Accept and send money globally using Xendit’s Remittances.

Our Multi Currency Cross-border Payout (Remittance Payout) services include sending funds to Indonesia and Philippines.

We currently support remittances to various fund transfer channels globally, including to 200+ banks and e-wallets in Indonesia and Philippines.

Business Overview

We process remittances instantly. You can send us remittance instructions via APIs and no manual processing is required. But please bear in mind that we’re restricted by the availability of our bank partners. For more detail regarding each corridor and limits, please go to the next section on Corridors, Limit and Processing Time.

We are required by each country’s authority to implement Know-Your-Customer procedures for both sender and recipient involved in every fund transfer request, including checking them against international and local CFT blacklists, historical transactions, etc. We report all transactions to each country’s authority as required by each country’s regulations. Xendit’s KYC requirements that are designated mandatory are based upon the requirements set by the relevant authorities for each jurisdiction.

Use cases

All use cases for our product:

  • Remittance licensed company
  • Foreign/Indonesian remittance company that needs to disburse money to beneficiaries in multiple countries
  • Paying overseas service providers
  • Trading companies who need to disburse money overseas

Last Updated on 2023-07-05