Zapier is an integration platform that enable you to trigger an action on any application that listed on Zapier. You can simply collect payment to someone from a Google sheet, Gmail, Kartra, Xero even from other web application.

Why Zapier?

Using Zapier can help you to make a bridge of connection between apps that won't require you to build it by yourself, so you will:

  • Reduce development cost in connecting apps
  • Have a seamless integration and have Zapier to maintain the performance of the integration itself

Things To Know Before Integrating with Zapier

We need to understand that there are 4 primary elements of Zapier, they are:

  1. Zapier App
    Web application that supported by Zapier. E.g. Google Sheet, Xendit, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.
  2. Trigger
    Trigger that provided by the web application. When the trigger is triggered on your Web Application, it will tell zapier and Zapier will trigger the action that you have tied to it on Zapier. E.g. Paid Invoice trigger on Xendit Zapier App
  3. Action
    Action that provided by the web application for Zapier to trigger. When Zapier trigger on the web application that you choose is triggered by an action that you choose, Zapier will trigger an action on other Zapier app that you have tied on your Zap.
  4. Zap
    Zap is filled with connection between triggered Zapier app and action that you require from a Zapier app


  1. Web applications that you want as trigger or action (trigger 1 app or action 1 app)
  2. Secret API Key from Xendit Dashboard
  3. Download Xendit Zapier App here

Last Updated on 2023-05-27