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Using Open VA on Xero

If you want to collect a larger amount of money, You can use Open VA to enable your customer to transfer the money multiple time to Your Xero.

How to Set Open VA

To enable collecting payment with open VA, You can follow these step by step guide:

  1. Open Your Xendit Dashboard and login

  2. Click settings

  3. Click Xero in Integration card

  4. Please ensure that you have connected your dashboard with your Xero organization

    1. Please ensure that at the moment, 1 Xero organization is for 1 Xero dashboard
    2. To integrate, please go to here
  5. Please ensure that in the field Collect payment with is Open Virtual Account, please change it if it is XenInvoice

  6. Click Save

Payment Journey

This is what your customer see when paying tour Invoice:

  1. After creating an Invoice from Xero, please send it to your customer through email
  2. After receiving the email, your customer need to Click Pay now button
  3. Your customer will see our payment page that show BNI Open Virtual Account
  4. After clicking Pay Now button on Xero Invoice page, your customer will see the Open VA number
  5. After the Open VA has been paid or you change the invoice as paid on Your Xero, we will redirect your customer to paid Xero Invoice page every time our open VA UI is opened by your customer
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