Using Xendit Invoice on Xero

Please follow these steps below to using XenInvoice to accept payment on your Xero Invoice:

  • Log into Xero
  • Go to Business > Invoice, and then create your Invoice
  • Fill in the invoice details
  • Click Approve to create and approve the invoice
  • Click Email on the upper right, fill in your email, click Send to email the invoice
  • Click send
  • Go to your mailbox, click on the link provided in the email
  • Your customer/client will be leaded to Invoice Xero page and Click Pay with Xendit
  • Pay the invoice
  • Your recently PAID invoice status will be updated in Xero, and also the invoice transaction will be inserted into Xero’s Manual Journal
  • To see your PAID invoices, go to this link
  • To see your Manual Journals of the PAID invoices, go to this link

Last Updated on 2023-05-27