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Last updated 09/14/2019

WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions are WordPress plugins that transform WordPress into an eCommerce platform with automated transactions management. They are hosted and run entirely by merchants in their environment of choice.

WooCommerce provides Product Management, Shopping Cart, and Checkout features to support eCommerce functions. Xendit provides WooCommerce plugins to be integrated to show up in the checkout page. This enables any merchant with WooCommerce integration to accept end-customer payments via Xendit. To date, Xendit accepts transactions via bank transfer from major Indonesian banks, Alfamart, Credit Card, and Debit Card.

Why Integrate with WooCommerce

As the most popular eCommerce platform out there, WooCommerce provides easy-to-use features for you to develop and customize based on your needs and preferences. The WooCommerce plugin is free to use, and is one of the easiest option if you do not have your own website, or prefer not to develop and maintain a standalone web platform.

Because it is designed for WordPress, WooCommerce is connected to millions of WordPress users. It is bundled with many ways to accept payments by providing integrations with payment gateways.

Xendit Woocommerce Plugins

Xendit provides WooCommerce plugins to be used according to your business needs. You can install it from here

Before integrating Xendit with WooCommerce, please ensure that you have completed the 4 points below:

  1. Register for a Xendit account to get your test and live API Keys

  2. Configure settings in WooCommerce admin dashboard

  3. Check that you have these required versions:

    1. WordPress: 4.8.3 or above
    2. WooCommerce: 3.1.2 or above
    3. PHP 7.0 or above
  4. Enable cUrl with OpenSSL by your web hoster

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