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How to Integrate with Wix

Last updated 04/15/2021

Creating your Xendit API key

To connect your Xendit account with Wix, you need to create an API key. Here are the steps you need to do in order to create your API key

  1. Register or sign in on Xendit

  2. Get your API Key from your Xendit Dashboard

    • Go to Settings menu

    • Click on API keys in Developers card

    • Click on Generate secret key

      • Click WRITE on money–in
      • Click NONE on money–out
    • Click Generate key, store your API key securely. This will be used to connect your Xendit account in your Wix store.

  3. Once your integration is done, you can customize your invoice looks and what payment method you want to display. To do it, you can refer to Setting up Your Invoice page

Connect your Xendit account in Wix

To accept payment in your Wix store using Xendit, follow the following steps

  1. Login to your Wix dashboard

  2. Click on Settings -> Accept Payments

  3. Click Add Payment Methods button

    • Make sure your store location is in Indonesia or Philippines. Currently we only support those 2 countries.
  4. Select Xendit and click Add

  5. Click Set Up Account to Activate

  6. Click Connect Existing Account

  7. Insert your Xendit API key and click Connect My Account

  8. You’re all set!