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Last updated 03/05/2020

VirtueMart is an open-source solution for You when you want to sell your physical product online. VirtueMart is an extension that provided by Joomla! VirtueMart is simple to use, free to download and provides a complete eCommerce solution for selling Your physical products.

Xendit support these payment channels in VirtueMart

  1. Bank Transfer, which support:

    1. Bank BNI
    2. Bank BRI
    3. Bank BCA
    4. Bank Mandiri
    5. Bank Permata
  2. Credit Card, which support:

    1. Mastercard
    2. Visa and
    3. JCB

By integrating with Xendit, you are helping us in bringing better digital infrastructure in Indonesia.

Preparation Before Integrating on VirtueMart

Please follow these step by step guide that you need to do in order to integrate with Xendit:

  • Register or sign in on Xendit

  • Get your API Key from your Xendit Dashboard

    • Go to Settings menu

    • At Developers card, click API keys

    • Click on Generate secret key

      • Click write on money – in
      • Click none on money – out
    • Click Generate key, then click view Secret API Key and you can then copy it to your VirtueMart admin settings page

Requirements for Integrating with Xendit

At the minimum, You need to meet this requirement below to use Xendit in Your VirtueMart store:

  • Virtuemart 3.0 or above
  • PHP 7.0.33 or above

Why Use Xendit for VirtueMart?

Xendit is building a delightful product and want you to have less friction in using our product.

Xendit supports:

  1. Automatically confirmation of your order when it is paid by Your end customer
  2. Automatically expire an order if the payment is not paid in 1 day