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Shopify Features and Limitations

Last updated 03/25/2020

Xendit payment plugin on Shopify has features and limitations that is created for better payment experience for Your end customer. Our features and limitations on Shopify are:

Shopify Features

We develop a Shopify plugin that enables you to accept more payments, these are the features that are available on Shopify:

  1. Automatic payment confirmation
    When Your end customer pays his or her order, we will automatically put Your order status as processing and You do not to worry about the payment, the order will be added into Your Xendit dashboard balance.
  2. Credit card refund
    You can refund any order with credit card payment within the refund button on Shopify.
  3. Manual refund for bank transfer
    You can refund order that use another payment method besides credit card from Shopify order detail, and you can transfer it manually, or disburse the refund through Xendit dashboard.
  4. Higher payment conversion
    Accept more payment with our payment method, we show payment method up-front in your checkout page, so Your end customer does not need to worry about what is Xendit or other payment is, and they will pay your order right away.

Shopify Limitations

Xendit Shopify payment plugin has some limitations to improve your payment experience. Here are the limitations that need to be noticed and you do not need to worry about these limitations:

  1. Amount should greater or equal to IDR 10,000
    Amount of any order should be greater or equal to IDR 10,000 to facilitate bank transfer
  2. Create Xendit Secret API Key before accepting any transaction
    To increase the security of generating payment, you need to create Secret API Key, you can go to Xendit Dashboard > Settings > Developers to create Your Secret API Key
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