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How to Integrate with Shopify

Last updated 09/12/2019

Please follow these steps to integrate Your Shopify store with Xendit:

  1. Click these links below to install Xendit payment on your Shopify store:

    1. Alfamart (Please contact us to activate this payment method before continue)

    2. Bank Transfer BCA (Please contact us to activate this payment method before continue)

    3. Bank Transfer BRI

    4. Bank Transfer BNI

    5. Bank Transfer Mandiri

    6. Bank Transfer Permata

    7. Credit Cards

    8. OVO

    9. DANA

    10. LinkAja

    11. Indomaret

    12. ShopeePay

    13. Direct Debit

      1. BRI (Indonesia)
      2. BPI (Philippines)
  2. Login to Your Shopify Account

  3. Click Install Payment Provider

  4. You will be leaded to Your Shopify's payment setting

  5. Click Select additional payment method in Alternative payments and choose the payment provider that provided by Xendit

  6. Choose a payment method

  7. Login or Register Your Account on Xendit in a new tab

  8. Go to Settings > Integrations > Shopify , click on Connect to Shopify button

  9. You will be redirected to Xendit consent page, click on Allow button

  10. You will redirect back to Xendit dashboard Settings > Integrations > Shopify. Copy the user and key that is provided by Xendit

  11. Paste the key and user to the alternative payment from Xendit that you choose

  12. Click Reactivate/ activate the alternative payment that you choose and your end customer can see the payment channel right away after you activate it.

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