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Magento - M2

Last updated 09/07/2019

Magento extensions are extensions that are available to your store to have extra features from other parties like third party developer or other service provider. Magento extensions are available on Magento Marketplace. Magento extension is created to enable smoother experience for you as a merchant and your customer(s). Xendit extension is available on Xendit Payments extension

Currently Xendit on Magento Extension supports:

  • Bank Transfer - BCA through Virtual Account
  • Bank Transfer - BNI through Virtual Account
  • Bank Transfer - BRI through Virtual Account
  • Bank Transfer - Mandiri through Virtual Account
  • Bank Transfer - Permata through Virtual Account
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Cards - Installment
  • Credit Cards - Subscription
  • OVO
  • DANA
  • Alfamart
  • Indomaret

With integrating with us, you are helping us in bringing better digital infrastructure on Indonesia.

Preparation Before Integrating on Magento

Here are steps that you need to do in Integrating with Xendit

  • Register or sign in on Xendit

  • Get your API Key from your Xendit Dashboard

    • Go to Settings menu

    • Click on Security Tab

    • Click on Create Key

      • Click write on money - in
      • Click none on money - out
    • Choose Write for money-in and none for money-out

    • Save, then click view Secret API Key and You can copy it later to integrate Xendit with your Magento store

Requirement with Integrating with Us

  • Magento 2.2.5 or above
  • PHP 7.0.33 or above

Why Using Xendit on Magento?

Xendit is building a delightful product and want you to have less friction in using our product.

Xendit supports:

  1. Automatically confirmation of your order when it is paid by Your end customer
  2. Refund-able credit card transactions
  3. Automatically expire an order if it is not paid in 1 day
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