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The Xendit <> Jurnal integration synchronizes all your Xendit invoices to Jurnal automatically. Eliminate tedious transferring of Xendit orders to Jurnal. Easily manage and organize Xendit invoice orders, and unlock a full stack of accounting services with Jurnal.


  • Eliminate manual reconciliation - Automatically sync invoices from Xendit to Jurnal
  • Automatic Invoice status updates - Invoice payment status is automatically updated in Jurnal when customers pay their invoices
  • Invoice sorting by payment method - Orders can be automatically sorted into unique chart-of-account folders based on payment method.
  • Xendit fees are automatically sorted into a chart-of-account folder for easy tracking


  • Jurnal account with pro or higher plan
  • Transactions on Xendit using Checkouts / Payment Links / Invoices
    • This includes invoice API/payment links, and third party integrations (shopify, WooCommerce, ect)
    • Transactions via direct payment channel api are not currently synced.

Note: if you previously have had an unofficial integration with Xendit, invoice syncs may be duplicated

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