There are a few features you can customize on your Ecwid integration:

Payment Method Name

You can customize how Xendit is displayed to customers during checkout. You can rename it so your customers will easily understand what the payment methods are.

  1. In Ecwid admin, go to the Payment tab.
  2. Find the Xendit Payment App and click Settings.
  3. Under “Appearance Options”, enter the name you want your customers to see. i.e. E-Wallets and Local Payments or Credit Cards and EWallets via Xendit
  4. Click Save, and you are done!

Checkout Payments Page

When using Ecwid ⮂ Xendit, your customers will be redirected to a checkout payments page. Learn more about how to customize invoice/checkout here. The following features can be customized at invoices/checkout settings.

  • Invoice appearance
  • Customer notifications
  • Merchant notifications
  • Payment channels

Last Updated on 2023-05-27