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IDR Cross-border Payouts Overview

Use the ID Cross-border Payouts API to transfer funds instantly to any bank in Indonesia at any time, including holidays and weekends. Due to restrictions from the banks, we’re unable to disburse when the bank channel are offline or when they fail.

Our ID Cross-border Payouts APIs allow you to send remittances from your Xendit Account on behalf of a sender to your designated recipient. Only IDR-IDR transfers are supported currently.

The remittance flow is as follows:

  1. Prefund your Xendit account balance

  2. Create a Customer which represents the sender, and a customer which represents the recipient of the remittance. You’ll get an id for each

  3. Create a Remittance, attaching ids of the sender and recipient

  4. We run this remittance through our risk-scoring system. If necessary, our compliance team will contact you for additional verification of information

  5. We process the remittance and return a callback with the status of the remittance. You may also query the status of a remittance anytime via the Get ID Domestic Remittance API

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