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Xendit allows you to easily collect money from credit cards and debit cards. We support Visa and MasterCard cards issued across the world (including Indonesia). Our card processing is protected by the same fraud detection and prevention systems used by Visa. Like other payment methods, all transactions are centralized in the Xendit dashboard .

There are two method to accept cards payment with Xendit:

  1. Using our invoice UI

    Our invoice UI will help you accept card payment instantly after you create an invoice .

  2. Create custom payment form

    If you want to use your own payment form (in website or mobile) or you want to implement some more complicated credit card feature like multiple charges, you can build your own payment form. We provide a front end library for website and mobile apps ( iOS & Android ).

    There are two main steps to implement credit card with your own payment form:

    • Tokenization : securely collecting the payment details
    • Charging : using the collected payment method in a charge request

Next Steps


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