Pricing and Limits

How am I charged for Early Settlement?

Xendit charges a standard rate of 0.25% per transaction for instant settlement of eWallet transactions. There are no additional or hidden charges for Early Settlement, although your usual transaction fee or MDR still applies.

Early Settlement fees are automatically deducted from your dashboard, saving you the worry of fee repayment.

This flow is purely for illustration purposes.

When Early Settlement rolls out for other channels, fees will vary across channels.

What does my limit mean?

Upon request of Early Settlement, you will be assigned a limit.

When your Early Settlement usage is ≤ your assigned limit, your next eWallet sale will be early settled as long as it does not cause the total usage to exceed the limit. Your settlement coming into Xendit 2 to 3 days later will automatically “free up” your usage again. Please refer to the diagram below for an illustration of how a limit would work.

If your Early Settlement toggle is turned on, your next incoming transaction will be early settled as long as it is equal to or smaller than the available limit.

Early Settlement fees are charged on the total early settled volume, not the limit.

Last Updated on 2023-05-24