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Get instant payout for your sales

Disclaimer The following section (and sub-sections) only applies to customers who activated Early Settlement for eWallet transactions. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

What is Early Settlement?

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Get instant payout

Early Settlement allows payments to be reflected in your balance instantly. With this feature, you can skip the long settlement time from payment partners (e.g. banks) to Xendit, and speed up your cash flow.

How does Early Settlement help my business?

Early Settlement allows you to withdraw funds as soon as sales transactions are recorded. This means that you can instantly withdraw funds from a transaction:

Get instant payout

This also means

Improved cash flow

Enjoy a frictionless and cost effective way to get paid as sales are made

Improved cash management

Increased visibility and control over the timing of payments = less time spent on tracking and planning, allowing you to focus on growth

✅ More opportunities

Respond to both business opportunities and challenges faster with immediate access to funds

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