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4. Making Direct Debits (One Time Payments)

Last updated 06/11/2020
  1. Merchant sends a POST request to Create Direct Debit Payment API with the required parameters.

    1. payment_method_id. The ID of the payment method you want to pull funds from.

    2. The basket object. The basket object helps the merchant track the items purchased per transaction.

      • Metadata. The metadata allows the merchant to include additional attributes to the product object such as dimensions, promo identifier, etc.
  2. The transaction will remain to have a status of PENDING until the debit is confirmed SUCCESS or FAIL.

  3. The endpoint will return a JSON. If is_otp_required is TRUE, the direct debit will only be completed once the OTP is verified with the channel.

    1. Merchants are required to render their own OTP acceptance page. To proceed with the transfer, the merchant must send the OTP to the Validate One-Time Password endpoint. If successful, the transfer will proceed.
  4. Xendit will send a POST to the merchant’s callback_url whether the debit is successful for top up or not.