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Time Zone Settings

By default, the time that is being used in the Dashboard follows your device time zone default. For example, the device timezone is set as GMT +8, then all of the times in the Dashboard such as exported reports and corresponding times in the transaction details will follow that timezone.

However, there are times when operational activities are carried out in different time zones. Therefore, Dashboard provides settings so that the time zone can be set without following the device default timezone.

Steps to set time zone

  1. Go to Time Zone Settings in Dashboard
  2. Turn off the "Use your system time zone" option
  3. Choose The Time Zone
  4. Click Save 

When a time zone is set, the transaction time displayed on dashboard and any exported CSV report will follow the newly set time zone and has its identifier


  • The time zone setting only applies to one user, if you want to use more than one user, then other users must set the settings as well
  • Exported PDFs follow your time zone settings
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