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Manage Incoming and Outgoing Transaction

Generally, there are two types of payments:

  1. The payment that is settled to Xendit balance
  2. The payment that is only reflected but not going to be settled, eg: BCA Virtual Account and Kredivo

Those transactions can be seen in the following menus on the dashboard:


A tab where you can see all of the transactions that are going to affect your balance in Xendit.

For money in transactions, it means that this tab will show any payment that has been settled to your cash balance and is available to withdraw or disbursed

For money out transactions, it means that this tab will display all of the disbursement that has been occurred and affect your cash balance


A tab for any transaction that is still on hold

For money in transactions, it will show any payment that has been paid from your end customer, this payment has not been settled yet

For money out transactions, if you have any outgoing payments performed, but somehow it still requires processing time (eg: you’re disbursing money during the cutoff time), then this payment will be shown in this tab.


If you want to check whether the payment through invoices has been paid or not

Product-specific pages

Money In Product

Dashboard pages like Fixed Virtual Account, eWallets or Retail Outlets, are very helpful if you need to have a quick lookup for a specific transaction

Money out product

Disbursement is used to display any transactions that occur in disbursement API. Meanwhile, Batch disbursement is used to display batch disbursement transactions