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Invite Team Member

Last updated 09/17/2020

You can invite your other team member to get the dashboard access and grant specific permission based on their role

Steps to invite new team member

  1. Go to team member settings
  2. Click + Invite member
  3. Input the new team member’s email and tick on the permission options you want to grant for them
  4. Click Invite
  5. You will see a new team member listed with status Pending
  6. Inform your new team member to check email with subject You have been invited to access the dashboard and click View dashboard
  7. Do registration eg: set up password as new team member
  8. Login to dashboard with the registered email and password

Available team member permission 

Based on country

No balance

Based on the needs

NeedsViewEditApproveAdminDeveloperWithdrawNo Balance
Upload legal documents
Activate payment method
Edit business profile (logo, name, etc)
Generate API Key
Set up and change Callback URL
Add and see IP whitelist
Create and void invoice
Enable disbursement
Create/delete batch/single disbursement
Validate name mismatch batch/single disbursement
Approve batch/single batch disbursement
Refund credit card
See cash balance
View transaction details
Resend Callbacks
Export Report
Add, edit, and delete withdrawal bank account
Withdraw funds
Add and delete team member, and edit user permission
Check billing details and status
Transfer cash balance to billing balance
Add and delete email recipient
See list of transactions under accept payments, create invoice, but cannot see the balance


  1. Who can invite a new team member to my dashboard?

    Only user with admin permission that can invite other team member. 

  2. Can a team member have multiple permission?

    Yes, you can grant more than 1 permission for each team member.

  3. Can I invite a new team member with the same email to more than 1 Xendit dashboard that I have?

    Yes, you can do so.

  4. I grant view and no balance user permission to my new team member, do they still see the cash balance?

    Yes because the granted permission doesn’t nullify other permission. If you grant view and no balance permission to a user, they can still see the balance because the no balance doesn't affect the view permission.