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Invite Team Member

Last updated 09/17/2020

You can invite new team member from your team to get access to Dashboard

These are the following steps to invite new team member:

1. Login to Dashboard

2. Go to Settings -> Team Members -> Click Invite Member

3. Input the email of the team member you want to invite and set the permission you want to grant for them

The below table gives details on each permission setting that you can set for the team member:

ViewView transaction details, download report, check billing details and status
EditUpload and delete batch disbursement, validate name mismatch on batch disbursement, generate invoice
ApproveApprove batch disbursement
AdminAdd and delete user, edit user access, add, edit, and delete withdrawal bank account, change business settings, enable/disable disbursements
Tech SettingsSet API keys, change callback URLs, add and delete summary email recipients
WithdrawWithdraw funds to registered withdrawal bank account

4. Click View dashboard on the invited email to register account

Note: You can invite the new team member with the same email to more than 1 Xendit dashboard you have (If any).

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