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Export Report

You can export reports from our dashboard to help you in reconciliation. The reports will follow any filter and date that you have adjusted in the dashboard.

Upon clicking the export button (indicated by CSV or PDF), we will send you the reports directly to your email in CSV or PDF format (only for Cash/Pending menu).

Cash Tab

These are some of the filters that can be used:

  • Money-in transactions transaction type

    • Payments - show up any virtual account settlement transactions
    • Deposits - show up any top up to cash balance
    • Refunds - show up any refund from the failed disbursement
    • Transfers - show up any transfer from cash balance to billing wallet balance
    • Cards - show up any credit card settlement and refund transactions
    • E-wallets - show up any eWallet settlement transactions
    • QR - show up any QRIS settlement transactions
    • Retail Outlets - show up any retail outlet settlement transactions
    • Direct Debit - show up any direct debit settlement transactions
  • Money-out transactions type

    • Disbursement: show up any disbursement transactions
    • Withdrawal: show up any withdrawal and auto-withdrawal transactions
    • Others: show up any Xendit direct fee charge

Pending Tab

Same as cash tab, you can filter the transaction type money-in to see the history of any incoming transaction that has been successfully received but still waiting for settlement date to be settled and moved to your cash balance

Different payment method has different settlement date:

  • Virtual account Aggregator: Real time
    Cards: T+7
  • Retail outlet: T+5
  • eWallet (OVO, DANA, Linkaja): T+2

For money out, you will see any outgoing transaction that is put on-hold to be deducted from the cash balance until it successfully disbursed.

Invoice Tab

In this tab, you can track the status of the invoice that has been created. Filters are provided that allow you to choose the specific invoice you are interested in

  • Date Range

You can specify the invoice base on several date types:

  • Paid date - The date when the invoice is being paid

  • Created date - The date when the invoice is being created

  • Expiry date - The date when the invoice is being expired

  • Status

Specify the invoice by filtering its status:

  • Settled - Invoice which payment has been settled to cash balance

  • Paid - Invoice which payment is still waiting for settlement

  • Pending - Invoice that is still waiting for payment

  • Expired - Invoice that has already expired

  • Payment Channel

If you choose the status either “Settled” or “Paid”, you can specify more to the payment method used to pay the invoice. The payment methods that currently available on invoice are Virtual Account (BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, and Permata), Credit Cards, Retail Outlet (Alfamart and Indomaret), and eWallet (OVO and DANA)

  • Created From

This filter allows you to specify the invoice based on how the invoice is created from API to dashboard and from single invoice to recurring invoice.

Product-specific page under accept payments tab

If you are more interested to see any incoming transaction by the payment method, the following tabs are available:

  • Credit/ Debit Cards: Incoming transaction paid through credit cards
  • Fixed Virtual Account: Incoming transaction paid through Fixed Virtual Account
  • eWallet: Incoming transaction paid through eWallet (OVO, DANA, and Linkaja)
  • Retail Outlets: Incoming transaction paid through Fixed Retail Outlet

Product-specific page under send payments tab

  • Disbursement: Outgoing transaction created from disbursement API
  • Batch disbursement: Outgoing transaction created from a single excel file batch disbursement upload
  • Payout: Outgoing transaction created from payout API