Payouts API


New Payouts API

In recent years, there has been a rise in global merchants needing to send payouts to individuals and businesses at scale in different regions. As we started to expand our reach to cater to more regions such as the Philippines, there was a need to improve and cater to more regional solutions. With this, an improved Disbursements via API was created, called Payouts API, now with better and new features.

1. One endpoint and new parameters to accommodate more payout channels

Currently, in order to send payouts to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, merchants are required to do 2 separate and different integrations. With the new Payout API, Xendit merchants are able to do one integration for both existing and future regions.

2. Estimated arrival of transactions

Many times, it is difficult to keep track of the limits and processing times of payouts due to the different acceptance criteria per region, channel, amount and other factors. While this data is readily available for our merchants in the form of documentation, a better experience in providing this data has been implemented by adding the estimated arrival of transactions in our Payout responses per transaction. While this does not guarantee the actual crediting time due to external factors indicated here, it will still give payout users an idea on how and when their payouts are processed.

3. Cancel Non-instant transactions

There are some payouts that cannot be processed by our partners instantly due to regular bank downtimes, cut-off processing for specific channels or amounts (RTGS, SKN, PESOnet, etc), or unexpected prolonged connectivity issues with partners. During these times, payouts are kept at the accepted state where Xendit holds the transactions and waits for our partners’ availability. Transactions that are held on Xendit’s side can still be cancelled provided that the status has not yet changed to Requested.

4. New payout status

For more accurate understanding of the status of your payouts and with the new features provided by the new Payouts API , the status codes of payouts have been updated as such.

Status CodeDescription
ACCEPTEDThe payout request has been accepted and has not yet been sent on to a channel. A payout may remain in this status if the chosen channel is currently offline. Xendit will process this automatically when the channel comes back online
REQUESTEDThe payout has been sent to the channel. For Bank and Ewallet payout: Funds have been sent to the channel for processing.
FAILEDPayout failed. Possibilities include: rejection due to suspected fraud, inability to validate account details or account number, server downtime.
SUCCEEDEDSender bank/channel has processed the fund transfer.
CANCELLEDPayout has been cancelled.
REVERSEDPayout was rejected by the channel after the payout succeeded

5. New payout callback events

Callback EventDescription
payout.succeededA payout’s status has already succeeded and partner bank has credited the funds to the beneficiary
payout.failedA payout’s status has already failed and the partner bank rejected the transaction or there was an issue processing the transaction.
payout.reversed.A payout that was originally in succeeded status received a bounceback or reversal of funds from the partner bank. Funds have been refunded back to the merchant’s available balance.

Last Updated on 2023-11-06