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View Events and Manual Resend

Last updated 08/26/2020

The Callbacks Tab on Xendit Dashboard allows transaction details to be viewed along with its callback status. In this tab, requests to resend callbacks for individual transactions can be done directly, and callbacks are automatically resent. To view details of the request payload, please click on the particular transaction itself.

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Example of the transaction details with its request payload:

Requests for resending of callbacks can be done per transaction or in bulk. There is no limitation on the number of requests if they are done per transaction - however, there is a maximum number of 10 transactions per bulk request, or else an error will occur.

A bulk request can be done by ticking the box beside the status, and clicking on the Resend button at the top.

There are search bar and filters in the Callbacks Tab to look into specific transactions as needed. The search can be done based on the product id, and results can be filtered by products and statuses.

  • Product ID: The id of the product in the transaction

    • e.g. Disbursement product = disbursement_id, Fixed Virtual Account product = callback_virtual_account_id, etc.
  • Products: Can be filtered by every Xendit product

  • Status: Pending, Completed, Failed

Transactions can also be searched based on the available filters: Status, Products, and Date Range.

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